MPhil/MSc Entry Requirements



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MPhil/MSc Entry Requirements for Admission
Applicants for the Masters in Computer Science are expected to have met the following prerequisites:
  • The minimum requirement for admission shall be the possession of a relevant Baccalaureate Degree (BSc. CS, BSc CE, BSc. IT) (First class and Second Class only)  
Programme Duration: 2-3 years (on the average) for full time students and 4-5 years for part-time students.

  • Admission to university master’s program is made by competition. Candidates must be successful at an interview to be scheduled by the department. [Pre-selection: An examination-interview, will be conducted for each candidate to further ascertain their eligibility into the programmes. The Chair should give his/her agreement for each of the candidates prior to the examination. The competition is in the form of an examination-interview in front of a committee formed by at least two professors and the representative of the university usually from the Graduate School. Every student is admitted or rejected to the program after the examination in front of the committee and as would be determined by the interviewing committee.
  • Master of Philosophy candidates must demonstrate that they have the relevant background and competencies to conduct independent academic research in Computer Science.