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The Faculty of Science (FOS) has a firm belief that students should have impeccable educational experience that encourages scholarship through the application of scientific knowledge in teaching, learning, and research. At FOS we devote our time to promoting top-notch programmes, to develop highly skilled and globally-employable graduates. Our holistic education empowers our students in solving real-life problems and fulfilling the will of God.

The objectives of the faculty of Science are:
• To teach students quality academic programmes underlying fundamentals of sciences, computer and mathematical systems and how they interact with the rest of society.
• To encourage graduates of the programme to go into self-employment by creating their own businesses
• To provide the necessary academic and research background for entrance into graduate and postgraduate degree programmes in the Applied Sciences.
• To create opportunities for students to apply their theoretical knowledge through work-study and practicum programmes;
• To develop in students the ability to think critically and to develop the highest levels of human values and virtues;
• To encourage students to appreciate the dignity of labor through internship, practicum and work-study program;
• To encourage all students to commitment excellence, integrity and service in the workplace and community.
• To encourage students to dedicate their lives to leadership in selfless service to God and to humanity through participation in community service.