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The philosophy of the Department of Mathematical Sciences is to promote interdisciplinary scholarship, as well as the search for and the application of scientific knowledge through mathematical education, training and research. The Department is committed to pursuing this philosophy by providing a programme in Mathematics with Economics aimed at training highly skilled and globally-employable graduates that are able to conduct interdisciplinary research in the field of mathematics and economics.


The mission of the Department of Mathematical Sciences is to serve as a centre of excellence in the provision of high quality holistic and professional education in mathematics and economics, as well as serve as a leading centre for interdisciplinary research and development work in current and emerging areas of Mathematical Economics. By integrating faith and learning, it is hoped that graduates will be equipped to demonstrate positive intellectual, moral and professional influence in their field of expertise.


The department of Mathematical Sciences offer the following programs;

1. Bachelors of Sciences in Mathematics with Economics

2. Bachelors of Sciences in Mathematics with Statistics