The worldwide shortage of computer professionals is a well-known phenomenon. The market for Information Technology graduate is large and growing.  Almost every sector needs computer personnel and as such the employment prospects of Information Technology graduates are great in every country including Ghana. 

Experience from elsewhere shows that graduates in this field are in high demand and most students on this type of programme are normally offered jobs before graduation.  We therefore, expect a very high demand in Ghana and elsewhere for graduates from the Valley View University Information Technology programme.  Graduates of the programme can go on to pursue professional career in Information Technology in basically any type of establishment in both the private and the public sector. 

Graduates will typically be employed as: systems analysts, computer system administrators, network managers, analyst programmers, software or system developers, software support staff, hardware support staff, computer systems engineers or technicians, business system analysts, among others. 


The field of Information Technology has one of the most attractive careers advancement prospects in both the private and public sectors.  There are also numerous opportunities for pursuing postgraduate studies up to the PhD. level in the field of Information Technology in leading universities world-wide.  Graduates may also have the opportunity both within and outside Ghana to join an R&D team involved in cutting-edge research and development work in advanced computer systems. 

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