¨     Admission by the University.

¨     A completed health history and physical examination specific to the Nursing Department from a health facility designated/approved by the VVU department of Nursing.

¨     Obtain application and pay fee for indexing with the Nurses and Midwives Council for Ghana during the first semester. This also requires two passport size photos. 

¨     An interview with the Department of Nursing admissions committee. The admissions committee is looking for individuals with a high degree of personal integrity, dependability, self discipline, intellectual strength, physical stamina, very sound mind and who are caring, compassionate, and thoughtful toward others.

¨     Satisfactory score on the entrance examination given in the Department of Nursing.

¨     A formal letter and three letters of recommendation to the Department of Nursing (two may be copy of those submitted to the University for admissions).

¨     Students wishing to change from another programme to nursing should refer to the ‘Change of Programme Policy” in the University bulletin.

Mode of Admission

There are two modes of admission in the Department of Nursing. These are Regular and Summer modes.

Regular Mode

In this mode, a student registers to study full time. Admission information into the regular mode may be obtained by contacting the Admissions Office

Summer Mode

In this mode, a student enrols to study while working as a Registered General Nurse/Midwife/Mental Health Nurse. This is quite helpful because students will be able to retain their jobs while studying. In this mode classes are held within the months of June and July every year.


Due to the nature of the educational process and professional nursing practice, faculty expects students to attend all class and clinical sessions.  The responsibility for class attendance rests with the student.  The student who is absent for any reason is accountable for work missed.  Faculty will be supportive in assisting students in extenuating circumstances; however, students are expected to make prior arrangements with them or to notify them as quickly as possible in emergency situations.  Students who accrue a significant number of absences during any one term may jeopardize their grades and successful course completion.  Therefore, regular attendance is important.  The effect of absences upon course grades is determined by course faculty.  Attendance policies are more specifically spelled out in each course syllabus. 

If the student is unable to attend assigned clinical, the clinical unit and the faculty member should be notified as soon as possible.  Individual faculty will inform students of guidelines for this notification.  Lack of proper notification may result in receipt of an unsatisfactory evaluation for the clinical assignment.


Students are expected to be present for all scheduled examinations.   Failure to sit for an examination may result in the student receiving a zero for that component of the course.

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