Nursing is an art and a science that enables individuals and families to aim toward health promotion, maintenance and restoration. No other career focuses so completely on the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of other people. Degree graduates will fill positions as clinical nurses at the bedside and in the community. They will also practice as professionals in varied capacities and venues including but not limited to school health, private industry, government and non-governmental organizations as well as clinics. Bachelor Degree graduates will also be qualified to assist in teaching in Diploma level programs and be prepared to pursue graduate/post graduate studies in nursing and other related specialties.


The mission of Valley View University Bachelor of Nursing program flows out of the overall mission of Valley View University (VVU) and includes:

¨     The education of professional nurses within a Christian environment dedicated to the provision of high quality holistic care to individuals, families, groups and communities.

¨     Preparing Christian nurses for service to God and humanity.

¨     Emphasizing the healing ministry of Jesus Christ.

¨     The acknowledgement of God as the source of all wisdom and to encourage nurses to form a personal relationship with Him.


The goal of the department of nursing is to prepare competent nurses who are committed to compassionate Christian service.  Upon completion of the Bachelor of Science degree program the graduate nurse will be able to:

¨     Think systematically and employ the nursing processes to assist clients to achieve and maintain optimal wellness.

¨     Synthesize knowledge from the sciences, liberal arts and nursing to provide appropriate and effective client care in a variety of settings.

¨     Critically evaluate, participate in and utilize research knowledge in nursing practice

¨     Demonstrate skills necessary to implement primary, secondary and tertiary levels of health intervention in various cultural settings.

¨     Employ principles of teaching and learning to promote healthy lifestyles through client education which addresses health promotion, risk reduction, disease prevention and health maintenance.

¨     Design professional health education programs to address the multiple health care needs of the residents of Ghana, particularly in rural communities.

¨     Participate completely in efforts to improve professional nursing and health care delivery to clients in a variety of settings.

¨     Use managerial skills to effectively allocate and manage personnel and resources and to evaluate nursing care outcomes.

¨     Contribute to society and the nursing profession by demonstrating continued growth in personal and professional competence and Christian values.

¨     Demonstrate an academic foundation for graduate study.


The Department of Nursing offers a Bachelor of Science [BSc] in Nursing.


There is currently a brain drain of professional nurses to other countries where the remuneration is better. Other attractions include better working conditions, more specialty choices and graduate study opportunities conducive to personal and professional growth and development. There is therefore, a great need for the development of more highly skilled professional nurses for the provision of a high standard of nursing care and management including ambulatory care to meet the health needs of this country.  It is therefore important that at this crucial time when there is a global nursing shortage that we prepare nurses to meet present and future needs.


The need for nurses is particularly felt in the rural communities of Ghana. Bachelor of Science prepared Christian nurses from Valley View University will function as change agents by providing leadership and clinical expertise to improve health care outcomes for individuals, families and communities in diverse settings of Ghana and West Africa. 

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